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Bug Fixes / ChangeLog for Fast Cal

Please follow the progress of Fast Cal below. Fixes and updates will be added and logged here for convenience.

16th June 2017 -
The download pack has been updated to incorporate the latest version of TinyMCE v3.5.12. The entire "fast_cal/tinymce/" folder has therefore been upgraded.

22nd February 2017 -
A security fix has been added to disallow new files from being created, or existing ones from being deleted, via manual query strings in the WYSIWYG edit window.

The following files have changed;

  • "fast_cal/fast_cal_admin.php"
  • "fast_cal/fast_cal_functions.php"

23rd March 2016 -
A few small bugs have been ironed out in Fast Cal, along with a clean-up of the mobile view of the monthly calendar module, which now only lists that month's events, rather then a full list of all the days in a month. To round things off, a "No events this month" message had been added to months where no events are available.

The files below have been modified;

  • "index.php"
  • "fast_cal/fast_cal_functions.php"
  • "examples/sample_calendar.php"

14th March 2016 -
Fast Cal now (re)generates an iCalendar (.ics) file every time you update your events. This makes life easier for your visitors because you can invite them to download the "fast_cal/calendar.ics" file (with a link) and let them import it into any number of supported iCalendar applications.

Another update involves pulling out all the lazy inline JavaScript and moving it to a common code block - yey for cleaner code and event delegation!

The following files have been updated;

  • "index.php"
  • "fast_cal_month_include.php"
  • "fast_cal/fast_cal_admin.php"
  • "fast_cal/fast_cal_functions.php"
  • "examples/sample_calendar.php"
  • "examples/sample_calendar_list.php"
  • "examples/sample_calendar_list_school.php"

4th March 2016 -
The release of "Fast Cal"; Basically it's a script that allows multiple, nominated site admins (the end-users defined with username and password in the config file) to manage and edit calendar events or diary dates. Editable content is stored in text files in a sub-directory. It outputs a custom HTML monthly calendar that can be styled any way you like before it is included in a web page. The monthly calendar links to past and future months, and a full year event list that again can be customised with CSS. Events can be assigned to custom categories, that you can colour-code with CSS, or linked to files or other websites. Additional event info is displayed in a space-saving popup. Mass delete, publish, and unpublish actions are included to quickly manage events. A WYSIWYG toolbar plugin (TinyMCE v3.5.10) has been incorporated to make things nice and easy for non-technical users, and the rest of the interface is just point-and-click.

Check out the Fast Cal back-end demonstration to see how easy it is to use, OR, see the Fast Cal front-end demonstration for ideas on how it can be incorporated into your website.

Last updated: June 16th, 2017