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Fast Warn ... A fast way to show an alert box or warning message!

Fast Warn can be used to quickly display an alert box or critical warning message to your website visitors. Also outputs a compliant RSS v2.0 xml file that can be used to push updates automatically to Twitter and Facebook.

Supports multiple users, the last of whom is logged so you can see who posted/edited the previous message.

Fast Warn


  • Create, edit and delete your message using a point-and-click interface
  • Supports multiple user accounts
  • See at-a-glance when the message was last modified, and by who
  • Auto-generates an RSS v2.0 xml file that can be fed instantly to Twitter or Facebook
  • Customisable with standard CSS - dress-up your message box any way you like


Downloads are available when you view the full version of this website on a desktop computer.

You can grab the zipped download package from the top of the page. Just scroll up to the blinking download icon and give it a swift click.


The Fast Warn download pack comes with an example web page setup for reference, but you can see the installation page for more details.


Check out the back-end demo to see how easy it is to use, OR, see the front-end demos (below) for website integration ideas.

Tips and tricks ... they're also front-end demos!

A static message echo'd inside of some <div>s, with "waspy warning" background images - very eye-catching!;

THIS IS A WARNING! No, not really, but now that I've got your attention...

Fast Warn can be used for all kinds of instant web alerts or messages - pop-uppy ones, blinking one, static ones, or otherwise, since you can style them exactly as you want. How about to;

  • Alert customers to urgent sales information,
  • Warn visitors about a short-notice closure,
  • Advise folk about temporary service disruptions,

There are so many possibilities... and not just to warn. Use to display happy news too!

Just a simple <div> with minimal styling and a snippet of jQuery to add a blink effect;

Additional usage - Auto-feed updates to Twitter and Facebook

An RSS v2.0 xml file is (re)generated every time you update your Fast Warn message and you can use this file to push updates automatically to Twitter and Facebook. This is great for you as it means you only update once, and your message is fed out to other, multiple destinations, without any extra intervention from you. Less effort, less fuss!

Use one of these FREE services to push Fast Warn updates automatically to your Twitter or Facebook account;

Last updated: May 11th, 2016