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Fast Cal ... Display and manage your calendar events or diary dates!

Fast Cal can be used to manage your calendar events or diary dates and display them on your website in a responsive monthly module, or full year event list. View past and future months, link to files or other websites and show additional event info in a space-saving popup.

Supports multiple users (actions are logged so you can see who posted/edited/deleted events), iCal export, and custom colour-coded categories.

Fast Cal


  • Add, edit, copy, and delete events using a point-and-click interface
  • Supports multiple user accounts
  • Log file to track individual user actions
  • Search events to easily find the one you want to edit
  • Unpublish or publish events with the status toggle switch
  • Calendar date picker to change event dates, or mass-delete/copy between selected dates
  • Auto-sort events from oldest-newest or newest-oldest
  • Custom colour-coded event categories
  • Start your week from Sunday or Monday
  • Auto-generates an iCal (.ics) file that can be loaded into iPhones, iPads, MS Outlook, Google Calendar, and many more applications with iCalendar support.
  • Optional URL to link events to other websites or resources
  • Responsive monthly grid and full year event list views
  • Customisable with standard CSS - dress-up your calendar any way you like


Downloads are available when you view the full version of this website on a desktop computer.

You can grab the zipped download package from the top of the page. Just scroll up to the blinking download icon and give it a swift click.


The Fast Cal download pack comes with an example web page setup for reference, but you can see the installation page for more details.


Check out the back-end demo to see how easy it is to use, OR, see the front-end demos (below) for website integration ideas.

Tips and tricks ... they're also a front-end demos!

Demo 1 - Monthly Calendar

The monthly calendar module is responsive and will change from a weekly grid format to a linear month-long list on small screen devices.

Aug 2022
No events this month

Demo 2 - Full Year Event List 2022

The full year event list is responsive and will change from a 2-column to 1-column layout on small screen devices.

AssessmentClub / SportMeetingSocial EventTrip / Visit
8thClass newsletters to be sent home
8thY5 SwimmingY5 Swimming×First swimming lesson of the new year. Remember to bring your PE kit.
[Category: Club / Sport]
Saturday, 8th Jan 2022
12thParents' EveningParents' Evening×Time: 17:00 - 20:005pm to 8pm.
[Category: Meeting]
Wednesday, 12th Jan 2022
15thParents' EveningParents' Evening×Time: 15:30 - 18:303:30pm to 6:30pm.
[Category: Meeting]
Saturday, 15th Jan 2022
19thYoung Voices
27thY6 Parents' SATS meetingY6 Parents' SATS meeting×Time: 18:00 - 20:006pm.
[Category: Meeting]
Thursday, 27th Jan 2022
8thPTFA DiscoPTFA Disco×Time: 19:00 - 21:00Get ready to bust some moves on the dance floor!
[Category: Social Event]
Tuesday, 8th Feb 2022
12thLevick's Got TalentLevick's Got Talent×Time: 13:00 - 15:30An afternoon of fun and for children to show us how talented they are.
[Category: Social Event]
Saturday, 12th Feb 2022
12thLast day of termLast day of term×We break up for half term.
Saturday, 12th Feb 2022
12thY5 SwimmingY5 Swimming×This will be the last swimming lesson for Year 5 pupils. Remember to bring your PE kit.
[Category: Club / Sport]
Saturday, 12th Feb 2022
26thClass newsletters to be sent home
26thY4 SwimmingY4 Swimming×Swimming begins for Year 4 pupils. Remember to bring your PE kit.
[Category: Club / Sport]
Saturday, 26th Feb 2022
4thMother's Day LunchMother's Day Lunch×Time: 12:00 - 13:00Looking forward to seeing all mums and carers for lunch in the hall.
[Category: Social Event]
Friday, 4th Mar 2022
23rdw/c 23rd: SEND reviews
24thLast day of termLast day of term×Break-up for 2 weeks Easter holiday.
Thursday, 24th Mar 2022
11thFirst day back at schoolFirst day back at school×Welcome back!
Monday, 11th Apr 2022
15thClass newsletters to be sent home
19thClass photographsClass photographs×Remember to wear school uniform for your school photo.
Tuesday, 19th Apr 2022
19thParents' EveningParents' Evening×Time: 15:30 - 18:303:30pm to 6:30pm.
[Category: Meeting]
Tuesday, 19th Apr 2022
21stParents' EveningParents' Evening×Time: 15:00 - 20:005pm to 8pm.
[Category: Meeting]
Thursday, 21st Apr 2022
27thPhonics Check Information EveningPhonics Check Information Evening×Time: 18:00 - 19:00An information evening for parents and carers of Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children.
[Category: Meeting]
Wednesday, 27th Apr 2022
2ndBank Holiday
9thw/c 9th: Y6 SATs weekw/c 9th: Y6 SATs week×SATs week begins on Monday 9th of May and finishes on Friday 13th May.
[Category: Assessment]
Monday, 9th May 2022
27thLast day of termLast day of term×Break-up for half term.
Friday, 27th May 2022
6thFirst day back at schoolFirst day back at school×Welcome back!
Monday, 6th Jun 2022
13thw/c 13th: Y1/2 Phonics Checkw/c 13th: Y1/2 Phonics Check×Phonic checks take place from Monday 13th to Friday 17th June.
[Category: Assessment]
Monday, 13th Jun 2022
13thY6 residential to StratfordY6 residential to Stratford×Year 6 classes will take it in turns throughout the week to visit Stratford upon Avon. Children will watch Romeo and Juliet at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.
[Category: Trip / Visit]
Monday, 13th Jun 2022
17thFather's Day LunchFather's Day Lunch×Time: 12:00 - 13:00Looking forward to seeing all dads and carers for lunch in the hall.
[Category: Social Event]
Friday, 17th Jun 2022
24thSports' MorningSports' Morning×Time: 09:00 - 12:00Bean bag races, relays, skipping, egg and spoon, and much more. Refreshments available.
[Category: Club / Sport]
Friday, 24th Jun 2022
30thNew F/S Parents' Information EveningNew F/S Parents' Information Evening×Time: 17:00 - 18:00Learn more about our school before your child(ren) start school in September.
[Category: Meeting]
Thursday, 30th Jun 2022
6thKS2 Summer concertKS2 Summer concert×Time: 14:00 - 18:002 concerts will take place at 2pm and again at 6pm. See you there.
[Category: Social Event]
Wednesday, 6th Jul 2022
8thReports to parentsReports to parents×We will send out reports of your child(ren)'s progress throughout the year.
Friday, 8th Jul 2022
8thY4 SwimmingY4 Swimming×This will be the last lesson of the year for Year 4 children. Remember to bring your PE kit.
[Category: Club / Sport]
Friday, 8th Jul 2022
11thParents' Open EveningParents' Open Evening×Time: 15:30 - 17:303:30pm.
[Category: Meeting]
Monday, 11th Jul 2022
13thY6 Leavers' BallY6 Leavers' Ball×Time: 14:00 - 15:30We wave goodbye to our oldest children. Join us for a last dance.
[Category: Social Event]
Wednesday, 13th Jul 2022
14thY6 Children's last dayY6 Children's last day×We'll miss you!
Thursday, 14th Jul 2022
14thY6 Leavers' AssemblyY6 Leavers' Assembly×Time: 09:00 - 09:30The official school send-off for Year 6 pupils.
Thursday, 14th Jul 2022
15thINSET DAYINSET DAY×Staff training day.
Friday, 15th Jul 2022
18thw/c 18th: Whole school transition weekw/c 18th: Whole school transition week×During this week (18th-22nd July), Year 6 pupils transition to Year 7 to learn about life in secondary school.
Monday, 18th Jul 2022
22ndBreak up for summer holidayBreak up for summer holiday×The summer is here! 6 glorious weeks of sunshine (hopefully).
Friday, 22nd Jul 2022
25thINSET DayINSET Day×Staff training day.
Monday, 25th Jul 2022
26thINSET DayINSET Day×Staff training day.
Tuesday, 26th Jul 2022
7thINSET DayINSET Day×Staff training day.
Wednesday, 7th Sep 2022
8thFirst day of the school yearFirst day of the school year×Welcome to a new year of academic achievment.
Thursday, 8th Sep 2022
11thClass newsletters to be sent home
15thw/c 15th: School Council elections in classw/c 15th: School Council elections in class×Join the School Council and have your say on important events.
Thursday, 15th Sep 2022
23rdPhonics WorkshopPhonics Workshop×Time: 18:30 - 19:306:30pm to 7:30pm
Friday, 23rd Sep 2022
25thY5 SwimmingY5 Swimming×The first swimming lesson of the new school year. Remember to bring your PE kit.
[Category: Club / Sport]
Sunday, 25th Sep 2022
6thDronfield In Bloom AwardsDronfield In Bloom Awards×Time: 18:00 - 20:00Starts at 6pm. Please only attend if you have received a nomination letter.
[Category: Social Event]
Thursday, 6th Oct 2022
6thHarvest Festival AssemblyHarvest Festival Assembly×Time: 09:00 - 09:30This assembly is for all children.
Thursday, 6th Oct 2022
7thSchool photographsSchool photographs×Individual and family photos will be taken. Remember to wear school uniform and smile for the camera!
Friday, 7th Oct 2022
20thParents' EveningParents' Evening×Time: 15:30 - 15:303:30pm to 5:30pm
[Category: Meeting]
Thursday, 20th Oct 2022
22ndLast day of termLast day of term×Bring £1 to wear non-uniform.
Saturday, 22nd Oct 2022
23rdINSET DayINSET Day×Staff training day.
Sunday, 23rd Oct 2022
2ndFirst day back at schoolFirst day back at school×Welcome back!
Wednesday, 2nd Nov 2022
6thClass newsletters to be sent home
16thw/c 16th: Anti-Bullying Focusw/c 16th: Anti-Bullying Focus×We will be focussing on anti-bullying for the whole of this week.
Wednesday, 16th Nov 2022
4thY5 SwimmingY5 Swimming×This will be the last swimming lesson before Christmas. Remember to bring your PE kit.
[Category: Club / Sport]
Sunday, 4th Dec 2022
4thChristmas FairChristmas Fair×Lots of Christmas-related games and treats. Come along to enjoy the festive fun!
[Category: Social Event]
Sunday, 4th Dec 2022
7thw/c 7th: SEND reviews
9thKS1 Christmas ConcertKS1 Christmas Concert×Time: 13:30 - 18:00Showing times at 1:30pm and again at 6pm.
[Category: Social Event]
Friday, 9th Dec 2022
15thWhole school carol serviceWhole school carol service×Time: 14:00 - 15:30The concert will be held at Dronfield Baptist Church, from 2pm.
[Category: Social Event]
Thursday, 15th Dec 2022
18thLast day of termLast day of term×Have a great Christmas! We'll see you in the new year.
Sunday, 18th Dec 2022
18thChristmas partiesChristmas parties×Here's an opportunity to wear your Santa hat and colourful Christmas jumper!
[Category: Social Event]
Sunday, 18th Dec 2022


Additional usage - iCalendar (.ics) export

An iCalendar (.ics) file is (re)generated in the "fast_cal/" folder every time you update your Fast Cal events. This is an easy way of distributing a calendar of events to your visitors - just provide a link to the "fast_cal/calendar.ics" file and let them do the rest!

TIP: If you update your calendar frequently, you might want to employ simple cache-busting by adding a query string with a version number to your iCal download href. This should stop browsers "holding on" to old versions of your calendar;

<a href="path/to/fast_cal/calendar.ics?v1">Download The Calendar</a>

You can automate the process by appending a PHP generated timestamp instead;

<a href="path/to/fast_cal/calendar.ics?<?php echo time();?>">Download The Calendar</a>

Last updated: December 19th, 2018