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Bug Fixes / ChangeLog for Fast Feed

Please follow the progress of Fast Feed below. Fixes and updates will be added and logged here for convenience.

6th December 2018 -
A new "search" feature has been added to the admin panel to help users more easily find news entries for editing. Both the news titles and descriptions are scanned during the search, and the results are displayed in an unpaginated list.

Only the "fast_feed/fast_feed_admin.php" file has been modified.

29th June 2017 -
The download pack has been updated to incorporate the latest version of TinyMCE v3.5.12. The entire "fast_feed/tinymce/" folder has therefore been upgraded.

25th January 2017 -
A security fix has been added to disallow new files from being created, or existing ones from being deleted, via manual query strings in the WYSIWYG edit window.

The following files have changed;

  • "fast_feed/fast_feed_admin.php"
  • "fast_feed/fast_feed_functions.php"

14th April 2016 -
A small fix has been made to carry the page session over on entry save in the admin panel.

Only "index.php" has been updated.

6th January 2016 -
A few of the functions have been cleaned-up to make future maintenance easier.

The following files have been updated;

  • "fast_feed/fast_feed_admin.php"
  • "fast_feed/fast_feed_config.php"
  • "fast_feed/fast_feed_functions.php"

7th November 2015 -
A small change has been made to the way that special characters are handled in news entry titles. Some of the function code has also been tidied up a bit.

The following files have been updated;

  • "fast_feed/fast_feed_admin.php"
  • "fast_feed/fast_feed_functions.php"

14th July 2015 -

A few modifications have been made to the file browser (TinyBrowser v1.41) in Fast Feed.

Firstly, the file renaming function has been improved so that a user no longer has to include the '.' at the end of a filename, which previously resulted in the corruption and/or loss of files due to file name and file extension merging together.

Secondly, "select all" checkboxes have been added to the delete and move function screens to allow for easier mass actions.

Changes made to one file only; "fast_feed/tinymce/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/tinybrowser/edit.php".

31st July 2014 -
A small tweak has been made to the admin panel to fix a glitch in the way the '- no image -' indicator displayed alongside entries with images.

When image uploads were disabled in the config file, a broken image would appear on the page instead, thanks to an empty src attribute.

Only the "fast_feed/fast_feed_admin.php" file has changed.

3rd February 2014 -
Two new features have been added; An optional setting for the use of the style attribute inside news entries, and a custom function to strip only the HTML tags that you define.

This could be useful if, for example, the end-user is copying and pasting content from another source and accidentally introduces 3rd party inline-styling that conflicts with the look of your design.

There has also been a small fix to ensure that all HTML tags are stripped from the auto-generated plain text XML file.

The following files have been updated;

  • "fast_feed/fast_feed_admin.php"
  • "fast_feed/fast_feed_config.php"
  • "fast_feed/fast_feed_functions.php"

15th January 2014 -
The download pack has been updated with the latest version of TinyMCE v3.5.10, which fixes a few compatibility issues in IE11.

Only the "fast_feed/tinymce/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/" folder has been updated.

25th November 2013 -
Another small fix to stop news item URLs with "&" in their query strings from being wrongly escaped/encoded to "&" in the "newsfeed.xml" file.

Only one file has been updated;

  • "fast_feed/fast_feed_functions.php"

14th November 2013 -
Just a small fix added to stop unpublished news entries from being published again once the live $max_entries limit has been reached.

Changes have been made to the following file;

  • "fast_feed/fast_feed_admin.php"

2nd August 2013 -
The release of "Fast Feed"; Basically it's a script that allows multiple, nominated site admins (the end-users defined with username and password in the config file) to manage and edit news entries for an RSS feed. Editable content is stored in text files in a sub-directory. It outputs a compliant RSS v2.0 xml file and custom HTML content files that can be used to populate many jQuery plugins and 3rd party news ticker scripts. One-click archiving to secondary "old news" feed also included. A WYSIWYG toolbar plugin (TinyMCE v3.5.8) has been incorporated to make things nice and easy for non-technical users, and the rest of the interface is just point-and-click. An optional image uploader has also been included (TinyBrowser v1.41) to allow thumbnail images to be added alongside news entries.

Check out the Fast Feed back-end demonstration to see how easy it is to use, OR, see the Fast Feed front-end demonstration for ideas on how it can be incorporated into your website.

Last updated: December 6th, 2018