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Fast Logs ... display and manage your logs, notices and updates!

Fast Logs can be used to display and manage all manner of logs, notices and updates in a small or confined space on your website.
Auto-pagination (page numbering) and archiving included.

Can also be used on a larger scale, for example, to display chapters of a book, user-guide or manual (a page per chapter).

Fast Logs


  • Add, edit and delete log entries using a point-and-click interface
  • See at-a-glance when entries were created and when they were last modified
  • Search entries to easily find the one you want to edit
  • Unpublish or publish logs to your website with the entry status toggle switch
  • Set how many log entries to show per page
  • Auto-sort entries from oldest-newest or newest-oldest
  • Auto-pagination to navigate multiple pages in a small space
  • Customisable with standard CSS - dress-up your log entries any way you like


Downloads are available when you view the full version of this website on a desktop computer.

You can grab the zipped download package from the top of the page. Just scroll up to the blinking download icon and give it a swift click.


The Fast Logs download pack comes with an example web page setup for reference, but you can see the installation page for more details.


Check out the back-end demo to see how easy it is to use, OR, see the front-end demo (below) for website integration ideas.

Tips and tricks ... it's also a front-end demo!

  • You can set how many entries to show per page, which means you can also use it on a larger scale to display individual chapters of a book, manual or user guide (one per page).

  • Or how about a place to record short news updates, latest offers or special deals for your visitors.

  • Use it as a simple message board to post well-wishes and shout-outs to friends on your personal, school or college website.

  • Fast Logs is a tool for managing log entries or news updates on your website.

Last updated: December 19th, 2018